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How about the naming of “Tai”jiang National Park?
Due to the rich natural resources, sceneries and precious culture and history that the Taijiang area holds, it motivated Tainan City Government to push forward the formation of the national park aggressively. On November 27th of 2008, the National Park Planning Committee of The Executive Yuan reviewed and passed "The forming feasibility proposal of Taijiang Black Drainage in early stage" conducted by the Tainan City Government. By June 29th 2009, it had passed the "Taijiang Black Drainage National Park Proposal and draft" to submit to The Executive Yuan for evaluation and approval.
"Tai"jiang, in both traditional and simplified "Tai" in Chinese characters, are used by scholars. But since the simplified "Tai"jiang has been used for hundreds of years, and the name "Black Drainage" wasn't convenient for communication internationally, thus the name was modified to be "Taijiang National Park" (Tai is simplified in Chinese). The Tainan City Government had been using "Taijiang" throughout the entire process since the beginning to the evaluation of Executive Yuan as well. The Executive Yuan publically announced the Taijiang National Park Proposal and draft, and on December 28th of the same year, the Headquarters initiated its officially grand opening and has used the simplified "Tai" ever since.