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Does Taijiang National Park provide such information as suggestions for one- or two-day itineraries, food, accommodation, transportation and barrier-free facilities?
The Tourist Service Center of Liukong Service Station was inaugurated on December 28, 2010, and allows the public to visit for free. Besidesentertainment fishing raft charges (which are privately run), all scenic spots, stations and parking lots of this park are free for visit and use. As for the characteristics of the scenic spots, itinerary, transport guideline, and other details, please first visit the website of this Headquarters ( 

As for information about food and accommodations of the park's surroundings and Tainan City, please refer to related traveling information provided by relavant websites, such as Tourism Service Website of Tourism Bureau, MOTCor Tainan City Global Information Website. 

In addition, this Headquarters has provided barrier-free facilities for the people at Liukong Service Station, Tourist Center and bird appreciation pavilion of Chiku black-faced spoonbill conservation area.