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What are the groups or entities have participated in forming Taijiang National Park?
The origins of Taijiang National Park: it was established as a result of Legislator Tien-tsai Hsu's manifesto, which planned for the Sicao Wildlife Refuge to become a national park while running for Tainan City Mayor in 2001. Starting in 2003, the Tainan City Government aggressively applied for it by themselves. By 2005, the Taijiang National Park Planning Workstation has been set up by the Tainan Government in the Taiwan Salt-Pan Eco-Village to communicate with locals and listen to their comments. Tainan City Government formed the Taijiang National Park Planning Consultant Group In 2006 to build an official communicating bridge for the construction of the National Park. In 2009, The Executive Yuan officially approved the proposal for Taijiang National Park as the 8th national park of Taiwan and it was opened by December of 2010. It took almost 10 years in total and received the support and participation of many environmental protection and culture/history preservation groups. However, the only major entity promoting it during that time was the Tainan City Government. That is worthy of consideration.