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Theme report

With the Taijiang Holiday Guided Tour Bus, Eco-Friendly Tourism Has Never Been This Easy
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To encourage low-carbon and energy-saving recreational travel and offer a diverse range of tour and transport options, the Taijiang National Park Management Office has launched regular holiday guided bus tours. Starting from May 2020, the Mangrove Tour Route has started operations, with a dedicated guide that leads visitors on a tour through the Visitor Center, Sicao Green Tunnel, and Anshun Salt Fields.
This project was launched in partnership with the Sicao Dazhong Temple and is intended to guide tourists on a pipe raft to explore the mangrove forests of Sicao Green Tunnel. At Anshun Salt Fields, staff from the Community Development Association will explain the history of sun-dried salt production in the area. Take a half-day tour to catch an insider’s glimpse of Taijiang's rich resources in the natural ecology, culture, and the humanities.
In order to encourage tourists to leave with a reminder of their great memories here, service staff take photos along the tour and will e-mail links to participants, which can be used to download photos stored on cloud servers for a limited period of time. With the boarding bracelet on hand, visitors can enjoy discounts when dining at the Tainan Wei-Yat Grand Hotel, souvenir stores located in the National Park, and at the Anshun Saltworks Store.
As of the end of July 2020, the tour bus has operated for 12 days (24 tours) and has served 435 visitors. More than half of the visitors are from counties and cities outside of Tainan. A preliminary survey and analysis of tourist satisfaction show a satisfaction rate of more than 80%. Among them, respondents are most satisfied with the staff, followed by the timing and itinerary arrangements. A sizable group of visitors have taken the tour again or recommended their friends and family to take the tour.
During the project period, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to address the feedback of tourists, the Management Office has stepped up pandemic prevention measures, hired more tour guides, and partnered with more stores in an effort to increase ridership rates and enhance tourist satisfaction. More routes will be launched at October end, including the Black-faced Spoonbill Route, which will lead tourists to the main habitat of the black-faced spoonbill in Qigu. Next, the tour leads visitors to the Black-faced Spoonbill Ecology Exhibition Hall to learn about the habitat of this migratory bird. Visitors will also have a chance to catch a glimpse of the birds at the bird-watching pavilion.