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Theme report

Explore Taijiang’s Salt Fields and Rich Ecology on Two Wheels
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Taijiang National Park has three unique attractions: wetland ecology, history of early settlement by Han Chinese, and the fisheries and salt production industry. In order to enhance the public's understanding and appreciation of the salt fields and wetland ecology in the National Park as well as the rich cultural and historical heritage of the area, the Taijiang National Park Management Office organized a guided cycling tour on March 15th, 2020. Participants were led by volunteer guides on a leisurely springtime ride to learn about the cultural and ecological landscape of Taijiang National Park.
Participants big and small gathered at the parking lot of the Taijiang National Park Visitor Center and rode in groups to visit Sicao Artillery Fort, Anshun Salt Fields, Luermen Guildhall, Luermen River, Luermen River Estuary (Natural Defense of the Capital Stone Inscription), and other scenic attractions. The whole journey took around 15km to complete. Through on-site briefings and interactions by tour guides, participants learned about the natural ecology, humanities, and history of the salt fields and wetlands in the park. It is hoped that through this activity more people can appreciate the beauty of Taijiang National Park, while concrete action is taken to reduce carbon footprint by encouraging the use of a healthy and environmentally-friendly means of transportation – bicycles. A joint effort by all is required to maintain a sustainable and green living environment.