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Taijiang National Park Again Recognized as Excellent Facilities
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“The wetland enriched by various features serves as the best learning paradise.” Taijiang National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the Headquarters) established the “Taijiang Wetland School” as a platform for promoting environmental education. The unique natural ecosystem, history and culture, and economic and industrial resources in Taijiang have been integrated into a beautiful ecological education course, making the National Park an outdoor learning environment full of pleasant surprises. The local oyster farmers, fishermen, and skippers have been invited to join the course to communicate the emotion and interaction between human beings and the environment with the ordinary and straightforward local view and culture. The course also utilizes various teaching methods to raise awareness of and strengthen conservation actions. The Headquarters was again accredited as the “excellent” unit for the environmental education facilities this year and awarded on November 17, 2020.
The Headquarters received the accreditation of the environmental education facility in 2012, which made the Taijiang National Park become the first national park that passed the Taiwan accreditation examination. To provide the environmental education that is of good quality, the Headquarters has been continuously innovative and made regular correction to strengthen the effect of the environmental education and progressively achieve the sustainable development goal. The accreditation members of the Environmental Protection Headquarters performed the written examination and on-site accreditation for the environmental education organizations and facilities respectively in June and August of this year and recognized the multiple achievements made by the Headquarters, for example, actively establishing the long-term partnerships with the schools around the Park, the communities, and the NGO organizations; developing the courses applicable to a wide range of groups, building the excellent environmental education environment, making good use of the local features, utilizing multiple teaching methods, discussing the review and reflection about topics, and focusing on the environmentally-friendly concept; these results were highly recognized by the members.
The Headquarters said that even though most of the schools weren’t allowed to have environmental education courses outdoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of this year, the Headquarters worked together with the Jane Goodall Institute since March and has promoted the “Roots & Shoots Program” with several national primary schools in Tainan. The Program starts with the establishment of the basic concept that the environment is important to the creatures. It then enables the students to have a video conversation with the frontline employees in the Headquarters to understand the daily works of environmental education and conservation and answer any questions to the Headquarters. Finally, the Program also allows the students to think about discovering and solving problems or concern the environment with actions. In addition, we have organized the event of “Interact with the National Park” in different phases and incorporated environmental education courses in the event. This gives people the opportunities to come to the open field, interact with nature, and experience the courses of the “Taijiang Wetland School” in the form of an entertaining and educational combination. We have taken these measures in the hope to continuously promote the environmental education of wetland under the effect of COVID-19. This year, our educational facilities stood out above many other facilities and sites and were evaluated as “Excellent.” This demonstrates the dynamics and performance of Taijiang National Park and implies the expectation that the National Park can continuously be an essential environmental education site in southern Taiwan.