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No work on June 20th? Come to the festival in Taijiang.
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Taijiang National Park is located on the southwest coast of Taiwan and is Taiwan's only wetland national park. The diverse wetland types and rich food sources have made the park an important habitat for various water birds and creatures. Many historical and cultural artifacts in the area have been preserved, and there are traces of topographical changes caused by the diversion of the Zengwun River.
In order to make the public learn about the resources, characteristics, and conservation of Taijiang National Park through fun education and experience, the Headquarters has committed itself to advocate for environmental education by using Taijiang Wetland School as a study center since 2013. This year, the office also collaborates with Jane Goodall Institute Taiwan, I-MEI Foods Co., Ltd., and elementary schools in Tainan to promote the "Roots and Shoots Project - My National Park and Me" program which starts by building students' basic knowledge of the importance of the environment to organisms. Teleconference meetings are held with the frontline staff of the office, so students can learn more about the environmental education and conservation efforts conducted by the office, and the sessions also answer students' curiosity about the office. The program develops students' critical thinking to identify problems, find solutions, and act to show their care for the environment.
From 9:00 to 11:30 on June 20th, "My National Park and Me - Taijiang Festival" will be held at the public square in front of the visitor center of Taijiang National Park. The event invites everyone to voice and care for animals and the environment. Schools will present different game stages to let all participants know the rich biodiversity at wetlands through fun games and understand their interactions with the living environment and the importance of the existence of wetlands.