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One day as an oyster farmer in Taijiang - Oyster Boy
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Oyster omelette, oyster vermicelli and oyster fritters are special Taiwanese street food. Where do the oyster come from? What does oyster farming has to do with the Taijang National Park? The Taijiang National Park Headquarters will hold a series of events “Meeting with the National Park” in April. It will offer an industrial environmental education course that is quite popular even for weekday reservation. Families and everyone will be able to sign up for it on holidays.
Qigu Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Taiwan. It's a calm water surrounded by the sand bar and important for oyster farming in Taiwan. In this event, local oyster farmers in Qigu will accompany visitors to Qigu Lagoon by fishing raft and experience a day in the life of an oyster farmer. Visitors can walk into the oyster farm, learn about the types of oyster racks, tie oysters and harvest oysters. At last, they can experience the challenges of oyster farming by playing games and understand the relationship between their own behavior and environment.
One session will be available on Saturday, April 27, 2019. A total of 40 spots will be available. The sign-up fee is NT$ 300 per person. To encourage families of three generations to the National Park and join outdoor activities, children aged between six and ten and elders aged 60 and above accompanied by the family can get 50% off. Sign up for the event online. Sign up starts on April 11 at 11:00 AM. Those who are interested can visit the website of Taijiang National Park for details. For any question, please call Ms. Huang in the Interpretation and Education Section of the Headquarters (06-2842600, ext. 1513).