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Experience low-carbon water recreation and visit the green building at Taijiang
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The Headquarters of Taijiang National Park (referred to as the office) has built a diamond-grade green building north of the Yanshui River outlet. In addition to being an administrative center, it is used as a venue for environmental education and recreation experience. The office organizes the “2020 Taijiang National Park Water Recreation Experience” event which goes from 1:30 pm on July 31 to August 2, 2020. It serves as a safe water recreation spot for family fun during the summer vacation, and advocates for water recreation safety and correct knowledge of water sports.
The event takes everyone to experience unpowered and pollution-free water vehicles (canoes, SUP stand up paddles) in the water below the center. Visitors can get a close-up view of the structure of a stilt house and experience and know the tranquil building cluster surrounded by water and plants. The unpowered water recreation incorporates ecotourism and environmental education into the general public's daily recreation to convey the concept of wetland conservation in Taijiang National Park.
The office invites everyone who enjoys natural ecology and outdoor activities to the event. Registration is available on-site for the NT$100 event and the availability is limited.