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Measures for Convenient Mountain Climbing The MOI has Integrated Numerous Improvement
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This is a news article on May 30, 2019, forwarded from the Construction and Planning Agency.
The Ministry of Interior aims to promote mountaineering and cooperates with the Ministry of Education, the authority for promotion of mountain climbing. It follows the principle "All open, effective management” and plans and reviews numerous supporting measures actively for improvement. The measures are described below. The entry application for all hiking trails is available. The Ministry of Interior reviews and supervises the self-governance ordinance of mountain climbing, and adjustment or deregulation of mountain control area. The Ministry of Interior created a service platform for mountain climbing.
The Entry Applications for Yushan Peaks Trail is available starting from June 1 to simplify the process.
The Construction and Planning Agency, the Ministry of Interior stated that all national park headquarters shall clean the hiking trails in the park, announce the condition of the trails, remove the restrictions on the entry application for closed trails and simplify the application process. However, the entry application for reserves is required based on the National Park Law. The Batongguan Historical Trail below the North Col of Yushan, the Tuge Fault and the Shinkang Mountain Crossing Trail Line were closed due to facility damage caused by natural disasters. From June 1, people can apply for the park permit by using the application system. People don't need to provide a written proof of mountain-climbing experience. The website will remind people to select the option of mountain-climbing experience. Those who are interested can look up the information online.
Overall Improvement of Mountain Hut and Communication
The Construction and Planning Agency, the Ministry of Interior, and the Forestry Bureau, integrated and formulated the plan for overall improvement of mountain huts to provide a safe, convenient mountaineering service. They have proposed a medium-term plan and perform the improvement in four years. They will classify the types and levels of mountain hut, which will have different functions depending on the position. They will ask hikers for opinions and conduct rolling review year by year to meet the requirements for mountaineering safety and service. All national parks and the Forestry Bureau will continue to work with the National Communications Commission to coordinate with carriers.
Review of Relevant Self-Governance Ordinance and Control Regulations
Currently, six local governments including Taichung have enacted the Mountaineering Activity Management Self-Governance Article. The goal of legislation shifted from enhancing the prevention of mountaineering accident to requiring violators to pay for the rescue and avoiding misuse of rescue resources. The National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior will continue to supervise the local governments to amend the article based on rescue as soon as possible. The National Fire Agency coordinated with the Financial Supervisory Commission to separate the rescue fee from the insurance benefit. For the mountain control area, the amendment of National Security Act has not been implemented yet. The National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior will actively work with the Ministry of National Defense to coordinate with relevant units to adjust or deregulate the mountain control area as soon as possible based on the Regulations of People Entry of Mountain Controlled Areas in Taiwan.
The Integrated Mountaineering Service Platform Website will be Launched at the end of June.
Currently, entry applications for mountaineering include the application for entry permission to national parks and mountain control areas, and the application for mountain hut reservation submitting to the Forestry Bureau. The Construction and Planning Agency, the Ministry of Interior will build a single portal for the integrated mountaineering service platform. The purpose for setting up this platform is to simplify the application, the process of the cross-agency application for hiking trail and the payment method. On this website, the service for the registration of hiking plan will be expanded. Hikers can register and upload information to the rescue unit for emergency rescue.
The website announces the information of all relevant agencies for hikers to find out all kinds of applications quickly. It will continue to promote the education on mountaineering safety. The English version of the website will be developed. Foreigners who wish to visit Taiwan for mountaineering can check out the information on the website and apply for hiking. The website will connect to the website of the Ministry of Education and the hiking website of private sectors to offer sufficient hiking information and education on mountaineering safety. It will be completed and launched at the end of June.