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Treasures in our National Parks: Picture Book Exhibition of Taijiang and Kenting National Parks – Come Hunt for Treasures Together with Your Family!
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The Taijiang National Park Management Office (hereinafter referred to as TNPMO) is dedicated to the protection and conservation of Taijiang National Park. At the same time, TNPMO utilizes a diverse range of educational outreach activities to bring the public closer to the park. In close partnership with Kenting National Park Management Office, TNPMO is holding a special exhibition “Treasures in our National Parks: Picture Book Exhibition of Taijiang and Kenting National Parks.” Through the spirit of adventure, exploration, and mutual assistance found in treasure hunting stories and activities of the picture books, the exhibition aims to provide visitors with an immersive interactive experience that is both entertaining and educational. Specially designed games allow visitors to understand in greater depth the unique, abundant, and diverse flora and bird species of the national parks. 
The story in the picture book exhibition starts with the main protagonist, a Caspian tern explorer named "Ali", who is helping a lost grey-faced buzzard "Ahui" search for his companions. Throughout the story, the appearances, characteristics, and ecological environment of the unique flora and birds of Taijiang and Kenting are prominently featured. Through mutual assistance, trust, and learning, the two protagonists overcome all challenges, and Ahui eventually finds and reunites with his companions.
The exhibition includes seven adventures, with the most unique involving the exploration of ecological resources of Taijiang and Kenting National Parks through an optical mechanism: treasure hunting glasses. Through these activities, the public will learn that the rich and diverse ecological flora and fauna in the national parks have always been the greatest treasures of Taiwan’s ecological environment. It is hoped that this exhibition will convey the concept of nature conservation and environmental sustainability to a wider audience.
“The Treasures in our National Parks: Special Picture Book Exhibition of Taijiang and Kenting National Parks” will run from August 26 to December 13, 2020 at the 2F Exhibition Area in the Taijiang National Park Visitor Center. For details please visit the official website of TPMO ( To receive the latest event updates, please “like” and follow TPMO’s official Facebook Page.