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We clarified the misunderstanding in the news about drastic reduction of black-faced spoonbills
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Today (24th) an article was posted on the Section for Local News on Taichung, Changhua and Nantou of the United Daily News and titled, “The Government Set Up Reserves Without Taking Care of Them. No Wonder Fishermen Have Been Opposing the Reserve.” The article stated that, “In 2009, The Taijiang National Park was set up in Qigu Lagoon in Tainan, also known as the Black-Faced Spoonbill Reserve. It’s been founded for ten years and it is only nominal. Neither the central nor the local government actively maintained it. Neither of them can do anything to solve pollution. The population of black-faced spoonbill drastically declined.” The Taijiang National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the Headquarters) replied that this is a huge misunderstanding on the current condition of the Black-Faced Spoonbill Reserve. The number of black-faced spoonbills around the world in 1994 was over 300, which was the first year the survey on the population of black-faced spoonbill was initiated. By the time that the Headquarters was registered and founded in 2009, the population exceeded 2,000. This year (2019) the global census data shows that 4,463 black-faced spoonbills are alive. The population of black-faced spoonbill keeps increasing. A total of 2,407 black-faced spoonbills rest in Taiwan, 53.93% of the global population. Taiwan is still the largest and most significant habitat in the world. The Headquarters works on the conservation of black-faced spoonbill and received Conservation Achievement Award from BirdLife International in 2013, the largest bird conservation organization in the world.
The article indicated that, “......Neither of them can do anything to solve the pollution.” The Headquarters stated that it has stationed locals as park rangers for monitoring in the Black-Faced Spoonbill Reserve since its founding. Meanwhile, the staff of the Headquarters and volunteer patrols inspect the area. The policemen of the Seventh Special Police Corps, National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior, also inspect around. No pollution has occurred as yet.